Welcome to Successor Science

Here we are forming ideas, doing experiments, thinking, and writing about feminist studies of science.

Some important due dates:

12th May Plan
21st May Research Proposal
2nd and 4th June In-class presentations
11th June Individual reports

What is the difference between ‘good science’ and the ‘successor science’? How can individuals (or small groups) make a difference in the world of scientific knowledge production? How do we stay dedicated to solving real problems in the world without falling into colonial traps of generalization, prescriptive science, and predisposed bias?

This assignment invites you to create, conduct, and reflect on a project that addresses a ‘real’ world problem.

In groups of 3 (min) or 4 (max) you will articulate a research question and plan a project that can be done within the time frame of this course. You will need to scope the problem to understand what elements can be addressed in your project. You should frame the issue within its context and design metrics that are sensitive to the ecological space where this intervention is intended.

You will be guided in your inquiry and should delineate tasks within the group so that the individuals do not get overwhelmed.

Click here for some examples of projects that have been done by others.

 The first step is to form groups by posting your ideas and soliciting participants from the class. More instructions here.